Virtuality, Social Identity & Augmented Reality
This online study group relates to practices, projects and communities engaged with the creation of digital tools and protocols that facilitate autonomous user control over the data that constitutes digital identity and digital behaviour, and the exploration of the interfaces between public / private, personal / social and real / virtual. We will look at a range of existing and planned projects, and come to an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and practical possibilities. This theme was proposed by Owen Kelly (Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University Art Education). Dynamic info: .

Virtuality Grand Tour

Each stop on the Virtuality Grand Tour (VGT) explores different online platform(s) and tools. A 'grand tour' in the tradition of classical learning travels around cultural landmarks. In this theme we revive the practice with different stops on an online 'tour'. See latest travel schedule and plans in dynamic info link. Practically speaking the host prepares/makes an introduction blog-post to, sets up a event-invite where it is appropriate, giving details of any necessary pre-event registration or account formation to participant. Limits of numbers and actions are advised by the host. Each event takes place at the regular time of 18.00 EEST/+2 GMT. When is the next stop? These events are welcome for anyone to join.

Schedule in 2012

26.01. 1st stop on VGT (Introduction- Twitvisio+Doodle+Etherpad, hosted by Andrew Paterson). 15.02. 2nd stop on VGT (OpenSim+JokaydiaGRID, hosted by Owen Kelly)
22.02. 3rd stop on Virtuality Grand Tour (Rethinking a City- platform: Skype, hosted by Darko Aleksovski) 13.03. 4th stop on VGT (Google Maps etc, hosted by Sari TMK)
20.03. 5th stop on VGT (Google Spreadsheets as open game world, hosted by Jon Paludan) 17.04. 6th stop on VGT (Dérivée Virtual Rosengård- platform: Google Maps etc, hosted by Mikko Lipiäinen)
02.05. 7th stop on VGT (G+ Hangout, hosted by Owen Kelly) 12.05. Camp Pixelache sub-theme: Virtuality/Social Identity, Arbis adult-education centre, Helsinki. .


Owen Kelly (2nd+5th+7th stop on Virtuality Grand Tour, FI): owen.kelly [-at-]
Andrew Paterson (1st stop on Virtuality Grand Tour, FI): agryfp [-at-]
Sari Kivinen (4th stop on Virtuality Grand Tour, FI): saritmkivinen [-at-]
Mikko Lipiäinen (6th stop on Virtuality Grand Tour, FI): mikko.lipiainen [-at-]
Darko Aleksovski (3rd stop on Virtuality Grand Tour, MK): darko.gregor.aleksovski [-at-]


Twitvisio: Twitter video hangout. #pixelversity
Doodle: Event poll service. Example of Camp Pixelache keynote poll
Etherpad: Collaborative text editor/chat. Link to ethepad for VGT 1st stop
Imprudence OpenSim viewer & Jokaydiagrid: 3D virtual world focused on arts and education. Meet in Twitvisio #pixelversity space
Skype: peer-to-peer chat. Links to be given for 22.2. stop.
Google Maps: Virtual map service. Link to be given for 13.3. stop.
G+ Hangout: Social network video-chat. Link to be given for 25.4. stop. . Image credit: Google Maps + Mikko Lipiäinen