Vanessa Gocksch

Vanessa Gocksch  (in collaboration with Intermundos) (Colombia)
Poporo Luminoso

Prototype of The Poporo Luminoso

Vanessa Gocksch is based in Santa Marta, Colombia. She has worked in many different mediums including sculpture, etching, photography, installation, performance and video. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals in Mexico, Colombia, United States, Canada, Finland and England. As of the year 2000 she started venturing into multimedia, learning new tools in order to develop digital projects and products intended at creating bridges between “North” and “South”. With this in mind she also founded the collective Intermundos during 2000 which became a non for profit organization in 2006. Vanessa has produced and directed two documentaries about Colombian hip hop and as a video jockey, she is known as Pata de Perro and has presented her live video performances in numerous festivals from Bogotá’s famous music festival; Bogotrax to international art events such as the International Symposium on Electronic Art. At present Pata de Perro is the exclusive VJ of Systema Solar, an audiovisual rumba collective that she founded in 2007 together with her partner Juan Carlos Pellegrino. Vanessa Gocksch is also the coordinator of Pixelazo; the Colombian node of the Pixelache Festival Network. She is presently raising her first child, building her family home and working on the various projects of Intermundos. More information: Intermundos organisation:
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