Spaceship Earth exhibition

Art, Science & Ecology: a ‘navigation toolkit’ for Spaceship Earth, featuring Pachube (UK/International), Windtracing & Suntracing by Miska Knapek (FI), Wificamera by Bengt Sjölén (SE), Adam Somlai-Fischer (HU) and Usman Haque (UK), Helsingin Energia real-time energy consumption data project and works by Kitchen Budapest (HU). The exhibition will open in Lasipalatsi on April 3 and will be on view until April 5.

A ‘navigation toolkit’ for Spaceship Earth features:

  • Pachube – a web service that enables people to tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices and spaces around the world
  • Windtracing and Suntracing by Miska Knapek (FI)
  • Wi-fi camera by Bengt Sjölén (SE)Adam Somlai-Fischer (HU) and Usman Haque (UK)

The exhibition opening also features two short presentations:

  • Christopher Burman (UK): Pachube project
  • Helsingin Energia environmental director Martti Hyvönen (FI): An initiative to create artworks based on energy consumption data from Helsinki region