.open forum

Open Forum is a series of short presentations (approx 10 min) on interesting recent projects and work in progress. Most of them have been selected from the open call for projects for Pixelache09. The series feature presentations by experienced professionals as well as students from local schools. Saturday 4 April, 14:00-17:00
Currently confirmed programme: Scott Goodstein (US): CEO of Revolution Messaging / External Online Director for Obama for America campaign
Keyvan Minoukadeh (UK/IR): The Five Filters
Sofia Oliveira (PT): 'TODAY', a piece of generative art for mobile phones.
Niina Varonen, Suvi Numminen, Ville Toivonen, Anniina Koskinen (FI) / Helsinki University of Technology: Shepherd - Interactive Sheep Game (an experimental game application on a multitouch screen)
Timo Wright (FI): Muistomme ovat huominen
Andy Best & Merja Puustinen (FI): inflatable, interactive art installation
Kalle Mäntsälä (FI) / Taik Media Lab: Hearspray - movement-controlled digital music instrument
Prokop Bartonicek (CZ): URNA project
Sebastian Schmieg (DE), Frederic Gmeiner (DE) & Korbinian Polk (DE): Ranke - a generatively created bookshelf