map me if you will

In contrast to the conventional understanding of mapping the ‘map me if you will’ programme explores a broader meaning of mapping as a practice applied not only to space but also to the social body. The program emanates from the idea that the collection and visualisation of data should not be left to the power of corporations and governments, but as a collective act can empower the individual as well as the community. In this sense the title of the program is to be understood as an invitation to participate in bottom-up, networked efforts to research the vital connections and processes upon which our economic, social and ecological reality is built.

The program is comprised of a one-day a seminar, a workshop and a production residency by Christian Nold that continues after Pixelache 2011. It is devised by Susanne Jaschko, a Berlin based independent curator of contemporary art with a focus on public and experimental art and digital culture.