Temporary photoElectric Digestopians WorkLab

A co-creation worklab with research based experimentations on the transformation of light energy into electric energy with food. Fusing cooking and solar tech and designs, the participants will work with edible materials to create 'e-tapas' of different aesthetics and tastes. A principal role is for the Aronia Melanocarpa (Choke/Apple berry), one of the most powerful, anti-oxidant rich berries both in terms of kJoules and microWatts, entangled in a rich global historical narrative (see also other groWorld-parts). To be tested, tasted and appreciated on heliotropic tickling tongues.

No pre-existing knowledge required. 
Max. nr. of participants: 16

The worklab will be lead by Bartaku. Bartaku is a member of FoAM, a transdisciplinary laboratory and a research group committed to developing a holistic culture, by actively propagating resilient cultural forms. FoAM’s members include artists, gardeners, cooks, technologists, designers, writers and scientists from all walks of life.

The TpED-Worklab at Pixelache 2011 is part of a series, fused by PhoEf: The Undisclosed Poésis of the Photovoltaic Effect; an artistic research project by Bartaku.

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