Augmented Ecology Symposium

Animals are fitted with tracking devices, web-cams and hooked up to sms services, satellites are tracking global crop development in real time, ecosystem monitoring is crowdsourced with mobile technology; is there still a private-life for plants and animals? Join the debate!

Since 2010 FoAM Amsterdam is developing a foraging application for Android smartphone called Boskoi. To look in a wider context at ecology and new media, the Institute for Augmented Ecology, has been launched in 2011. During a meeting with experts and stakeholders which is open to the public, we will use Boskoi as a starting place for a discussion on how the tagosphere will connect with the biosphere.

At Pixelache different stakeholders within augmented ecology can meetup such as; urban foragers, wildlife organizations, biologists, gardeners, urban planners, gamers, designers and artists.

Confirmed participants (so far):

Theun Karelse member of FoAM and initiator of Boskoi will host the meeting. Jussi Kivipuro of Greenpeace will talk about Greenpeace’s Digital Vision which includes a mobile media strategy and media activism. And Joel Rosenberg will be describing his Helsinki foraging cycle-tours. Yasser Ansari of Project Noah, which is a crowdsourced ecology-mapping app for iPhone could talk on ecomapping issues, but this depends on Skype stability.

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