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Trashlab Expedition to Konala sorting station led by Albert Laine 31.8.

To accompany the theme of James Wallbank's Talking Trash(lab) lecture the day before, Trashlabber Albert Laine will lead a visit on Friday 31.8. to Helsinki City's Sortti station in Konala which handles electrical and electronic waste. Bring your documentation devices to record what we find there!

We rendezvous with Albert on friday afternoon 16.00 at the sorting station (Betonitie 3, Konala). You can get bus 324 from Elienaukio at 15:17 to be there in time. Get off at 'Vanha Hämeenkyläntie stop', and go 500m from bus stop northwards on right-hand side (Check HSL journey planner for more details of route or other options).