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Talking Trash(lab) 15.11. Cindy Kohtala: Sustainable Maker Culture - Angels & Demons

The upcoming Talking Trash(lab) lecture in November is by Cindy Kohtala (Aalto ARTS Design) on Thursday 15.11. from 17.30-19.00 at Aalto Media Factory.

Titled 'Sustainable Maker Culture: Angels and Demons', Kohtala introduces her talk as following: "The Helsinki maker scene is small and fragmented but extremely active. Like everywhere, Finnish actors have different conceptions of what the Maker Movement actually is, and everyone brings in their own practices, motivations, and devils. In my talk I will present the conversations makers are having about fabricating, consuming, producing, making, living and throwing stuff away: what is in and what is out; what is good, what is bad, and what is downright ugly. This discussion will include summaries of previous Talking Trashlab lectures and other discussion events, but I will also bring in perspectives on fab labs and digital fabrication from research on environmental issues".

Cindy Kohtala is a doctoral researcher in NODUS, Sustainable Design Research Group, and a teacher in the Creative Sustainability Master's Programme in Aalto ARTS. Her research focuses on the Fab Lab network and what it represents in terms of empowering grassroots innovation, contributing to mainstreaming the Maker Movement, and transforming negative consumption and production patterns. This past summer she organised the Sustainable Maker Culture events at WDC Pavilion within the programme of Green Drinks Helsinki.

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