This project will prototype the combination podcast production, research and reflection residency which focuses on Wikimedia and cultural organisational practices, including archiving.

It will discuss and reflect upon the long parallel history -20 years- of Pixelache Helsinki Festival and transdisciplinary platform, which has promoted open culture, and Wikimedia methodologies. Where have these overlapped, gone hand-in-hand and then diverged. We wish to reconcile in ambitions with both the Wikimedia and Creative Commons anniversaries.

Pixelache Helsinki, in the year 2022, will work on their archival process and reflections, this project will give updated skills and understanding within our membership, interested Finnish and regional peers, as well as an international example for other similar cultural associations involved in network culture.

We will prepare and produce collaboratively 3 podcasts and organize their publishing and launch events, together with texts to elaborate and connect them to related wikidata.

We will invite the following persons to be involved as 'Wikimedians-in-residence' with Pixelache, undertaking the following roles:
Wikimedia Podcasters: Rebecca O'Neill and Toni Sant
Wikimedia Content and Data creation: User:Yupik, User: Zblace, User: Agryfp
Wikimedia and Helsinki Pixelache invitees: Florence Devouard, Sumugan Sivanesan

Topics of the podcasts will range from democratization of media, sustainability of non-profit infrastructure, but also participation issues and audience engagement, especially in relation to Wikimedia and independent cultural associations.

Each show will be uploaded on Commons (Wikimedia and with data entered in Wikidata and referenced and embedded in different Wikipedia articles.

This project is supported by a Wikimedia Rapid Grant.

For more information see Pixelache's Rapid project application


Wikimedians-in-residence event #1

OpenMICwithPixelACHE - research consultation on open archiving practices

Saturday 5.2.2022 (16.30-17.30 CET  / 17.30-18.30 EET)
*Zoom link with waiting room*

This event is the first open and public recording session in the form of a consultancy for a research+reflection project on the long parallel histories -20 years- of Wikimedia, Creative Commons, and Pixelache Helsinki Festival as a transdisciplinary platform. It is hosted by a network of Pixelache members and Wikimedians for Vorspiel.Berlin guests. 

At times the ambitions of Open Cultures, Codes and Knowledge, with Wikimedia and the culture of Sharing and Remix have overlapped with media arts festivals like Pixelache, which has promoted open culture, and Wiki methodologies in it's early years. However, since then there has been much pragmatism as (not)social (but)algorithmic media and online platforms have abducted, obfuscated, and taken over media festivals in the past decades, in the way that knowledge has accumulated and been shared.

How do we reconcile and learn from tensions, each others' movements and hybrid practices?
We plan to produce 3 discursive podcasts this year, to be presented at the end of 2022. 

This first gathering is an open mic session, inviting open culture and digital arts professionals and enthusiasts to join us in a semi structured conversation for cca 60 minutes.

Participating in discussion:
Florence Devouard (User:Anthere), Z. Blace (User:Zblace), Rebecca O'Neill (User:Smirkybec), Andrew Gryf Paterson, Sumugan Sivanesan

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