Welcome to Pixelache Radio!

Welcoming words from Sophea Lerner, the Pixelache Radio project lead: 

"We are happy to host Pixelache Festival Radio on {openradio} 6-13 June. Pixelache is an artist run organisation that presents Pixelache Helsinki Festival, a long running celebration of trans-disciplinary creative practices in art, design, technology, research and activism. 

After a year of pandemic uncertainty around venues and audiences for this years festival; and with an ear to the screen fatigue we've all come to know; Pixelache decided to break the mold of online festivals and put a lot of their 2021 #Burn festival programme on the radio.

For listeners in central Helsinki, the Pixelache Festival Team have set up a small scale radio station, Burn FM, at Oodi library. Audiences can bring their own radios to sit outside and listen together, safely distanced.  For the rest of the world the Pixelache programme is streaming on {openradio}!

Many artists have adapted their work for radio, and the festival features a selection of audio works curated into programmes that will be streamed here across the week, alongside live festival coverage and selected podcasts by Pixelache member artists and presentations by the festival' partners. 

Find out everything about the festival at http://burn.pixelache.ac  and have a look at our events calendar for current information all the radio the Pixelache team is serving up."


Reminder 1: BYOR (Bring Your Own Radio), maybe a picnic, definitely a curious ear, a face-mask for near group lstening, and stay safe.

Reminder 2: If you have visited Pixelache Festival #BURN____ website already, refresh your burn.pixelache.ac page by pressing shift & clicking the 'refresh' icon in your browser, so it throws away the old version.. You should see a audio & video player on the front page.

Reminder 3: {openradio} events page will always have the most updated schedule.

Reminder 4: Pixelache Radio team are amazing!


Pixelache Festival Radio will be broadcast on {openradio} in partnership with Pixelache, Korppiradio, Oodi library, M-Cult. Broadcast planning & production is by Phonebox Productions.

Radio Project Lead: Sophea Lerner

Radio Producer: Miia Laine

FM broadcast system: Kalle Kuisma, Tuukka Haapakorpi

Online broadcast system: Kaustubh Srikanth

Student radio interns: Anže Bratuš, Aalto University; Onyedikachi Ben (Kacii Eleven), Sibelius Academy