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Pixelache Festival warmly welcomes you to Puristamo - Cable Factory and Pannu Hall - Tanssin Talo, Helsinki, 8–17 June 2023.

Pixelache Festival will explore the idea of glitch as a possible tactic for resisting oppressive social systems. How can we disrupt the code? The festival will examine this question using artistic strategies and tools; creating through open source, copying, pasting, sharing, distributing, remixing, and sampling.

When the system normalizes injustice, the glitch can be a momentary interruption of the normality. The error can dismantle the norm by resisting to accomplish its function or definition. The error and disruption moved by a desire for re-appropriating and subverting the codes. A festival as a situation for experimenting with technologies that can be used to contaminate, mutate or mediate diverse languages and life situations. The public program consists of audiovisual performances, workshops, and an exhibition with local and international artists, researchers, and activists.

All events are free entrance.

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Aya, Edith Hammar, Egle Oddo, Daniel Malpica x Pedro MacLoughlin, Madeleine Andersson, Daniel Moreno Roldán, Nadiye, Social Choreography Lab Helsinki (Jon Irigoyen & Emma Hovi with Live Machines sound by Julle Gröhn), T. Rudzinskaitė Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society (Sumugan Sivanesan & Tessa Zettel), Ritni Rávdnji Ráste Pieski, Onur Tayranoğlu, Saint Santí, DJ Burana (Paola Jalili), DJ folk flore (Aliisa Talja), DJ Sven Simulacrum (Sumugan Sivanesan), Honey Moon x JoJo x Monia, Anna Maria Häkkinen x Erno Aaltonen x Saara Töyrylä x Laura Haapakangas, Linda Lazarov x Aala Nyman, Laua RIP x Jani Lamminmäki, MYÖS.

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8–17 June (Closed 11 June) | Puristamo - Cable Factory 12:30–17:30 Exhibition

10 June | Puristamo - Cable Factory 18:00–2:00 Performance program

17 June | Pannu Hall - Tanssin Talo 18:00–23:00 Performance program

17 June | Puristamo - Cable Factory 23:00–2:00 Performance program


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Pedro MacLoughlin

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