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Open call for 3rd annual Coop Camp: Communications infrastructure, Pispala-Tampere, 16-18.8.2013

The 3rd annual Coop Camp unconference in Pispala-Tampere announces this year's theme: Communications infrastructure (Viestinnän infrastruktuuri in Finnish), and invites you to join and contribute from 16-18th August 2013.

Coop Camp is a trans-disciplinary weekend of events aiming to connect the practice of informal cooperation and formal cooperatives in Pirkanmaa and wider Finland. The event is facilitated by Pispala Cultural Association and Pixelache Helsinki. This is a ‘tietotalkoot’ event, an occasion to learn about cooperatives, to share experiences, stories and practices of different types of cooperativism, as well as a place to ask for co-operators, gathering not only local Finnish cultural perspectives and ambitions, but also those of a more international networked scene.

Open call for participation! Although the Finnish translation may seem technical, the organisers plan an event for sharing examples of communications cooperation/cooperatives & infrastructure building in its broadest sense, from computer and wireless networks, streaming and social media platforms, to booksprints, local newspapers and presence-based forums.

As previously, it will be a 3-day event, with friday evening keynote, saturday unconference day (Finnish+English language contributions welcome), as well as some events such as workshops on sunday (to be confirmed). There is possibility to camp with tent near 'Hirvitalo' venue, and some travel support available from Northern Estonia and Southern/Central Finland.