Nature as Magic - AV Bridges between Helsinki, Tallinn & New York

During Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival, we start a new collaborative project supported by Suomalais-virolainen Kulttuurisäätiö (Finnish-Estonian Cultural Foundation) called 'Nature as Magic', which will start on 9th and 10th June 2021, with 2 live audiovisual performances as described below. Both are streamed on Pixelache & e‾lektron media platforms, sharing an audience reach in Finland, Estonia and beyond.


Wednesday 9.6. - 18:00-19:00 - Oodi / Maijansali + Online 

ANIMAL BEING, live audio-visual performance by Jonna Lehto, Bráulio Bandeira a.k.a. Deepneue, Moa Larsdotter Persson & Sofia Palillo. [also streamed on Pixelache's Twitch, FB and YouTube channels]< br />


Thursday 10.6. - 18:00-19:00 - Oodi / Maijansali + Online

NATURE AS MAGIC, live audio-visual performance by Merle Karp a.k.a. Folded Visuals & Hendrik Kaljujärv  [also streamed on Pixelache's Twitch, FB and YouTube channels]



More info: NATURE AS MAGIC: 4 audio-visual bridges between Helsinki, Tallinn & New York

WHAT: Bridging 4 online/festival/curatorial platforms (Pixelache, e‾lektron, Public Art Action, Aavistus) together, via commissioning new live audio-visual work by Merle Karp (aka Folded Visuals) & other collaborating audio-visual artists.

WHEN: June 2021 and ends in October 2022

WHY: Pixelache, Aavistus & e‾lektron have all evolved from new media art & performance scenes in Helsinki & Tallinn, with exchanges between individuals in 2000s especially. This project renews those relationships and supports each other, including new generation artists of the 2020s, connecting with the international curatorial context of New York.

The project initiated by Pixelache Helsinki (Helsinki) will engage and make a collaboration with e‾lektron (Tallinn), plus a local partner festival Aavistus Festival (Helsinki), and an international curatorial platform Public Art Action (New York). We focus our collaboration starting from a new work commissioned from Finland-based Estonian VJ / live visual artist Merle Karp (aka Folded Visuals), although further artists will be involved via open calls. 

The theme of Pixelache 2021 Festival 's #Burn____ theme which aims to “connect psychological, social and environmental collapse, and how we can survive it, developing resilience”; inspired a response from Merle Karp with a proposal to make a new work themed on “nature as magic” & regeneration, and selected for inclusion as an multidisciplinary audio-visual installation and performance. This project applied to Suvi-säätiö directly supports this work, and elaborates onwards from this context to promote mutual development in exchange and collaboration through further audio-visual 'bridges'.

The project starts in June 2021 and ends in October 2022, with 4 events in total. These events will be presented as multi-disciplinary performances, including audio and video collaborations. Each platform will propose a live visual artist/VJ or audio/DJ/sound artist, who is then paired together with another complementary artist, for collaboration in a live event, and each platform can stream the collaboration.

The project will be supported and developed in collaboration with Amanda McDonald Crowley, based in Brooklyn, New York, as guest curatorial advisor in dialogue for a series of 4 sessions (at Pixelache Festival, e‾lektron Art Platform, Public Art Action, Aavistus Festival), and create international curatorial development and discussion around the works.

Image credit: Merle Karp (Folded Visuals).

The project is generously supported by: