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Frozen Species in Helsinki

Frozen Species is a process exhibition performed by 17 foreigner artists based in Helsinki and organized by the curator/artists Gian Luigi Biagini (IT) and John Dunn (Cascadia). Each of the 17 artists will build their own totem-installation on skis. The 15 totems will be towed in a parade on an iced surface - an urban iced desert that will be occupied by the artists as if it were a huge open white cube, a no man’s land for a living nomadic exhibition, open to all contingencies and phase-shiftings which occur throughout the process. The exhibition aims to provide an unfamiliar site-specific experience to the artists and to the public. It also tinges itself with political and polemical issues, because the 15 foreigner artists, as a singular multitude, strive to express their own specific wording within a cold environment in which they are frozen. They are species that fight for an heterogeneous vital space on the edge of the structural monoculturalism and fake multiculturalism of Finland. They want to break the ice in which they are frozen and thus enter into in a smooth space with new potentialities.

List of participating artists:

  • Anastasia Artemeva (Russia)
  • Gian Luigi Biagini (Italy)
  • Charli Clark (UK)
  • John Dunn (Cascadia)
  • Vito Giorgio (Glarus)
  • Alexei Gordin (Estonia)
  • Fabu Pires (Brazil)
  • Lineta Līduma / Marleta (Latvia)
  • Steve Maher (Ireland)
  • Frederic Bado (Burkina)
  • Martina Miño (Ecuador)
  • Ranjit Menon (India)
  • Marek Pluciennik (Poland/Canada)
  • Roberto Pugliese (Italy)
  • Mārtiņš Rozenfelds / Marleta (Latvia)
  • Arlene Tucker(USA/Taiwan)
  • Ernest Truely (USA/Estonia)
  • Júlia Valle (Brazil)

For more information, see https://frozenspecies.wordpress.com/