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Dis-Information-Visualization workshop 22.9.

Designers, statisticians, journalists, researchers and technologists often apply visualization techniques in an attempt to make sense of large quantities of data. In this rush to create informational imagery both creators and viewers are often taken by the lure of what Edward Tufte defines as "beautiful evidence". But is information visualization indeed just another type of evidence, or is it a form of visual argument?

In this all-day workshop on Saturday 22.9. from 10-20 we will attempt to problematize and re-politicize the practice of information visualization by deliberately skewing and manipulating the image. We will show how a visualization pieces can easily undermine the data they are based on and tell any story their authors might choose. In the process we will survey several loopholes in information design methodologies and learn how they can be exploited.

Participants are invited to bring their own data sets, statistics and quantifiable stories as a starting point towards a somewhat more sinister use of the information. Participants are also invited to base their projects on existing work and use it as an opportunity for reflection.

The work produced in the workshop can take the form of a static image, a moving image, an interactive application, an installation or what not. It can be based on existing tools or be a whole new thing in itself. Prior skills in image-making and code are a plus, but are not necessarily a per-requisite (if push comes to shove, you can always use PowerPoint). On the flip side, if you are skilled in the craft of infovis (code/form) you can apply to participate for free as a workshop assistant.

Please let us know a bit about yourself and enroll here so we can plan ahead.

Workshop led by Mushon Zer-Aviv ( plus Miska Knapek and Elina Alatalo. This event is organised in collaboration with the design-studio 'Mushrooming' network in Helsinki.

Time: Saturday 22nd of September

10-12 pm intro discussions
12-1 pm start manipulating your data
1-2 pm lunch break
2-6 pm work-work-work
6-7 pm break (coffee/tea/snacks served all the time)
7-8 pm presentations and feedback

Place: Pixelache Office at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Tallberginkatu 1 C 23, fourth floor

Fee: 20 euros in cash at place

Facebook event:

For inspiration in advance:

Darrel Huff: How to lie with statistics. W.W. Norton & Company Inc, 1964.In the
public domain:
Mark Monmonnier: How to Lie with Maps. The University of Chicago Press Books, 1996.
Ted Byfield - Against Tuftism / Presentation at Parsons, August 2010.
BBC Newsnight - Information Graphics / Interview with David McCandless & Neville Brody

and good old:
New York Times graphics department's tumblr page: