Like water, the mood on the bricolabs mailing list finds its own level. There are many souths within the north, and many norths within the south. Deep resonant networks where borders are seldom taken into account. A critical perspective on normal north-south dichotomies.

Pixelache Festival 2013 with its theme of Facing North Facing South profiles the work of the Bricolabs mailing list, an independent and dynamic network of people absorbed with sharing, DIY, open source software, hardware and environmental sustainability living in various localities across the world whose online and offline exchange of heterogeneous practices and ideas have driven the network since its formation in 2006.  Members will be present from various European as well as Latin American countries and many others, from Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia etc will participate in discussions during the conference planned for 17th May on the theory and practice of networks. A process orientated and open approach to creating (making) will be conveyed through “brico-things” an exhibition (collaboratively curated) opening on the evening of 16th May.