Henry Collins presents Video/Data bending

Henry Collins has been experimenting with creating ‘Error Art’ through data and video bending. Data bending is the creative misuse of digital media. It is in close relation too the art of circuit bending, which is the creative short circuiting of electronic items. Due to the prevalence of computers in everyday life there are literally thousands of computer programs, digital formats and file types. This overload of digital technology available to us is prime for playing with in unexpected and unpredicted ways.

This presentation will look at methods of data bending - exploiting errors by attempting to 'break' technology. It will discuss various ways to corrupt image and video files enabling us to see the surreal side of the once functional. The results vary from nonsensical digital pixel noise, to feasts of bleeding colours and jittery imagery

Henry Collins is a sound artist and musician that lives in Brighton, UK. 
His work focuses on recycling discarded objects, media and the superfluous into his own creations. http://henryliamcollins.blogspot.com/


Watch 'Creative Video Corrupting' video-clips made by Henry which he referred to in his presentation.

Look at photo documentations of the event itself.