Coop Camp 2012


Coop Camp is a trans-disciplinary weekend of events aiming to connect the practice of informal cooperation and formal cooperatives in Pirkanmaa and wider Finland. The event is facilitated by Pispala Cultural Association and Pixelache Helsinki. This is a ‘tietotalkoot’ event, an occasion to learn about cooperatives, to share experiences, stories and practices of different types of cooperativism, as well as a place to ask for co-operators, gathering not only local Finnish cultural perspectives and ambitions, but also those of a more international networked scene.


This year’s Coop Camp focuses on food-related cooperation. Recently in Finland there has been a significant interest in Community-supported Agriculture (CSA) model of food production, as well as spontaneous pop-up restaurants, and attempts to activate neighbourhoods regarding collaborative food-related projects. All these activities can be seen as fitting under the umbrella of developing a solidarity economy: Strategies for ‘humanizing’ or out-cooperating capitalist economy. In other words, seeking to supplement or challenge capitalist globalization with community and global solidarity-based practices.

The weekend starts on friday evening with a keynote lecture at Kurpitsatalo by Nance Klehm from Chicago, USA, on her recent Social Ecologies initiative, which aims to engage local residents in building healthy habitats and spreading holistic, systematic thinking by creating and maintaining collaborative long-term interactive neighborhood projects (

Coop Camp continues on the next day at Hirvitalo and Pispala Library with informal presentations, screenings and activities from lunchtime until late evening. All are welcome to participate and contribute with suggestions to the programme.

On sunday afternoon, again at Kurpitsatalo, Nance Khelm will lead a workshop on district level permacultural planning/activities, highlighting the importance of soil/composting techniques, including worms & theory of humanure. The workshop will have a modest participation fee of 5€.

Latest info about schedule & contributions:


The Coop Camp event on Saturday takes an open organisational style, unconference/Barcamp style: Instead of pre-selecting all presentations, we encourage certain people to come, as well as make open call for those to turn up on day to share their ideas, perspectives, processes of cooperation. Not limited to just speaking presentations, participants can propose any type of activity that relates or suits cooperation or cooperative action, for example, cooking, construction, game-play, movement or physical actions, problem-solving, and so on. Do add your suggestion in our dynamic schedule, turn up at the start of events on Saturday, or email contacts below.



Torstai / Thursday 23.8.
Pre-Camp: Herbologies/Foraging Networks wordpresss tietotalkoot

Perjantai / Friday 24.8.
Local foraging tour of Pispala in afternoon

Keynote lecture by Nance Khelm (Chicago) about Social Ecologies enterprise ( at Kurpitsatalo

Lauantai / Saturday 25.8.
Unconference on food-related cooperation/cooperatives at Hirvtialo, Pispalan Kirjasto (Including 3 x invited ‘plenary’ lectures, followed by discussion, then additional related presentations)

Screening TBC

Sunnuntai / Sunday 26.8.
Workshop on district-level permacultural planning/activities, highlighting the importance of soil/composting techniques, including worms & theory of humanure.


If you are looking for accomodation support, we recommend using Couchsurfing network in Tampere, or Dream Hostel.

There may be support for covering 1 way train/coach travel from nearby town/city in Finland (e.g. Helsinki, Pori, Turku, Jyväskylä) via Pixelversity (write to Andrew below stating your motivation).


Mikko Lipiäinen (Tampere): +358 404708141, mikko.lipiainen [-at-]

Andrew Paterson (Helsinki): +358 504023828, agryfp [-at-]