Pixelache Festival
The Rain Theatre is Postponed

Unfortunately it is necessary to postpone Mandarina Collective's The Rain Theatre on Sunday 6th June due to Coronavirus space restrictions. However, do keep up with Pixelache & Mandarina Collective's social media channels to learn about when after the summer you can learn more about rain science..


In The Rain Theatre the science of cloud formation and rain making is blended with storytelling in a sensorial experience, supported by a magical scenography, analogue projected visuals and soundscapes that will transport the audience to the rainforest itself.

In the context of Pixelache 2021, we would like to highlight the immense deforestation and growing area BURNing in the Amazon rainforest. Human action, ubiquitous nowadays not only alters essential natural mechanisms like the water cycle but also causes biodiversity loss, displaces indigenous communities, threatening knowledge and symbiotic ways of living with Nature. Combining storytelling with all our senses will translate into an universal language, as we aim to create awareness about one of the most important phenomena that takes place in the Amazon, and elsewhere: Rain.

MANDARINA Collective became real in 2019, when Helsinki-based Ana Alvarez Piedehierro (ES), Ina Fiebig (DE) and Ines Montalvao (PT), were selected to perform in a multilingual Children's Festival.

We are passionate about different but also common fields and, in our work together, we combine our knowledge in Science, Illustration and Experience Design with our passion for communication and a cross-disciplinary approach.

We are MANDARINA collective, an enthusiastic group filled with juicy bits, wanting to bring science engagement and artistic views of the world in an accessible way for everyone.

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