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As part of the Suomenlinna Money Lab project we are looking for an illustrator to create a visual thematic for a new local currency called the Kuula (cannonball) for the Finnish island of Suomenlinna. These bank notes will not be legal tender but rather a complementary local currency that will only be used on this island.

The island is unique maritime fortress, designated as a World Heritage site with a fascinating and multi-layered history. Every year it receives 750,000 tourists who come to visit the island via a small ferry from Helsinki. It is also a living island with 800 local residents as well as a naval academy and an open prison. The visual theme of the banknote should aim to capture the identity of the island as ‘Living Heritage’, which represents the life of people on the island, shaped by the physical and social environment as well as its history. We are looking for a contemporary re-imagining of this living heritage captured in an illustration.

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