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AV Research Process initiated by Irina Spicaka

Irina Špičaka has joined Pixelache Helsinki this Autumn until May 2013 from Riga, to focus, within the context of the Pixelversity programme, as an electronic audio-visual performance culture researcher and developer.

As her first step, Irina initiated an online survey for live AV/VJ practitioners in the Nordic-Baltic and NE European context to help map out active participants in these regions, and see potential for future collaboration. Welcome to fill out or share the survey here (We will release the survey data in December). She is currently in dialogue with the artistic directors of AAVE Festival, to develop an educational partnership next Spring. Please return to the ongoing research page to keep up with the process and contacts.

Irina has studied BA Visual Communication at Art Academy of Latvia, and is working on her MA thesis that is related to AV Culture. She actively works in graphic design field, participates in contemporary art exhibitions, collaborates with sound artists as a VJ. Her 9-month internship at Pixelache Helsinki is supported by the ERASMUS programme.