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Steve Maher is an award winning conceptual, electronics and relational artist from Limerick, Ireland based in Helsinki, Finland and working internationally.

Maher works across a broad range of topics, at the core of Maher's practice is the exploration of cultural artefacts and rituals. Language is central to Maher's work, both through the dialogical methodologies he implements in his relational projects, as well as in its direct use as a material in his work concerning languages themselves(both constructed and naturally evolved). An important aspect of his work is also the use of technology and its metaphors, Maher is interested in the dichotomy between how science and technology work versus how it they are perceived at a cultural, ideological and social level.

Maher is the inaugural winner of the Kierran Meagher legacy award, from Limerick city of culture 2014. Maher has represented both Ireland and Finland at International Biennials, including the Moscow Biennale for Young Art V 2016 and STRP Biënnale 2017. He is currently touring his project Heavy Metal Detector and is an invited artist at this years Abandon Normal Devices 2017, U.K.

Since 2019 Maher has worked in a production, administration and curatorial role with Pixelache Helsinki. He is currently the associations main producer

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11. toukokuuta 2020 12.18
Piknik Frequency Ry is looking for a part-time (50%) financial administrator, starting from June 2020 with a short training period at the end of May . We are an international art and culture organisation based in Helsinki, producing various events and cultural productions throughout the year,...
7. toukokuuta 2020 11.50
Dear Diary, Day three of our seven day festival is underway. We follow up two days of launches,a group exhibition of invited artists at SOLU (featuring Varvara and Mar, Dries Depoorter, Heyon Han and Pixelache's ownBio-Signals team on day one)and a solo exhibition at MAA-Tila (Circuit Breakerby...
21. huhtikuuta 2020 11.22
Pixelache's #Burn____ theme is unique in Pixelache's long andvaried history of thematic premises, in that it takes place over a two year period. Its two parts are comprised of, in short form: #Burn____ 2020 "Program" - which isan incubationand development year, focused on members' projects, 2021...
17. huhtikuuta 2020 11.00
Dear Diary, Here comes another long overdue archive post of photos from the 2019 Pixelache Festival - Breaking the Fifth Wall. Photos byAntti Ahonen The day kicked off with a second vernissage dedicated to long time member Samir Bhomikand hissolo show titled Circuit Breakerwhich took place in...
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