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@jstngraphics Right on! That's sweet!
@jstngraphics Nice! What RTX cards did you get? Why the SATA SSD? M.2's are about the same price these days.
RT @WebbEmotional: AR glasses are coming this year. This is why NFTs are the future. They allow us to exchange digital creations in this ne…
@chrisjfranko Get something with a space theme and with purple-green "cyberpunk" color palette! It´s all the hype now!
@CVirus000 @JayCooperX @shapiro500 And transporting, storing and selling the supplies. It all adds up to a lot that…
@flumemusic @Matteyy_ @JonathanZawada @withFND That´s dope! Literally!
RT @AxieKing: This is not the dawn of digital art. That would be ignoring the exact people we should be praising for paving the way the las…
Why flood the blockchain with all kinds of NFT´s, when you can have gasless minting? Only the quality ones bought w…
I just love how the NFT flood has brought forth so much amazing and original Digital Art! AMAZING!! #NFT #nftart…
@mbsjq Good work! Care to share some tips for beginners?
@jstngraphics Any advice for a newbie?
@cryptosimms @CryptoCobain If you are born in to decent conditions, you can choose. Does not apply to everyone on t…
@cryptosimms @CryptoCobain Yeah, if you get enough to spare!
@shivonsh Try this stuff. #NFTs #CryptoArt #blockchain #nftart
@HashmukhKerai @SuperRare Sweet graphics!
@Default_Cube @tonroosendaal A challenge? Who needs a procedural cake? Amazing work!
@CryptoCobain Most regular jobs doesn't make rich. And not everyone can be an influencer either ;)
@ericlefaure @SuperRare So good! I love them!
@mbsjq @SuperRare Great! Love your work!
@Vyshnevskyy @mbsjq @FleshNft @SuperRare ..and what kind of a helmet passes liquids through?
@trevorjonesart Yep. Looking good!
@Matteyy_ @SuperRare I saw the making of on Discord! Great work!
@VictoriaVRcom Thank you! I´m super glad you liked it!
My first NFT mint: CGA AbunDance! Check out this #NFT for sale on Mintable! Pick up 'CGA AbunDance' before its swo…