Art and Sustainability

Art and sustainability

Society today is facing many big challenges.

Environmental themes like global warming and peak oil have found their ways from activist jargon into the center of political and economical discussion. At the same time art seems to be left behind. Although many artists do address environmental themes in their work, there is very little discussion about the environmental effects of the process itself. Field of art is of course quite diverse: theater is wasting electricity live for light and sound, when visual art consumes most energy in the storage after it has been exhibited. Self-sustainable party container is our attempt to search for new less harmful alternatives. It is done by Association of experimental electronics together with MiM-project and Pixelache Art and sustainability workshop participants. Our aim is to build a set that will produce it's own electricity, consist of mostly recycled materials and have a modular structure, so all parts can and will be used for something else after the festival. Our piece will work on wind, solar and muscle power of the participants. We will have some nice experimental partysounds, discolights and lot's of interaction for the audience. It may not save the world, but might give us some perspective on ecological aspects of electronic arts and subcultures. Container Initiator/Organiser: Antti Ahonen (FI) >> >> MIM goes Sustainable