Unsworn Industries (Erik Sandelin & Magnus Torstensson / SE) is an interaction design and innovation studio based in Malmö, Sweden. Unsworn will premiere their project Megaphonebooth in Helsinki during May 2010. Megaphonebooth Helsinki is a coin-operated megaphone to be located in a public space somewhere in Helsinki. To use the megaphone you just have to insert one euro per minute, speak into the attached handset and have your voice instantly amplified and projected into the local soundscape. A Megaphonebooth presents unexpected opportunities but also raises questions about responsibility, control, and democracy. It offers a platform from which people can speak their mind, loud and uncensored. Yet, when compared to the loudness, plentitude and persistence of other messages (commercial, cultural and political) that we are exposed to in our everyday lives, the mighty megaphone seems peculiarly powerless. The Megaphonebooth is a deliberately tragic solution meant to bring focus to an unbalance while feebly attempting to correct it. This project is supported by Nordic Culture Point