Four Ophones



Four Ophones at PixelACHE Exibition in Nifca project space #1 during 14.-17.04.


by Erik Sandelin & Magnus Torstensson, Unsworn

Four Ophones is an invitation - and an unwritten score - for a composition that lasts as long as the exhibition does. You and other visitors take part as audience, musicians, and cocomposers. No one knows what will happen or how it will sound. Be prepared for everything from subtle interference etudes, to collaborative chanting and big, bad rhythm orgies.

Magnus Torstensson

Magnus Torstensson is an artist, designer, and educator exploring the narrative and psycho-social potential of interactive systems and media.

His work includes tools for sensory relaxation and stimulation for autistic children, interactive sculpture, clothing for urban interventionism, postoptimal electronic attire, and service designs for Telecom Italia and Sony Design Centre London.

Magnus received his MA in Interaction Design from Interaction Design Institute Ivrea as part of the Personal Technologies research group.

Erik Sandelin

Erik Sandelin is an independent interaction designer based in Malmö, Sweden. In his educational, industrial and artistic practice he critically explores the role of increasingly intimate digital technologies in people’s lives and dreams.

Erik has created award-winning work on post-optimal, electronic attire; designed urban interventions; produced interactive sound installations, and hosted workshops on critical fashion design.

Erik holds an MA in Interaction Design from K3, Malmö University in Sweden. He has worked with clients including Sony Ericsson, Swedish Radio, and The Interactive Institute, and has exhibited and performed internationally.