VJ jamming session

pikseliÄHKY // pixelACHE 2003 opening event!

VJ Jamming session is two and half hours long non-stop audiovisual extravaganza, featuring 3 dj's and more than 20 vj's!! The whole audiovisual setup will be on the theater stage, surrounded with 3 screens for 3 simultaneous vj acts allowing collaborative improvisation. This show offers an instant introduction to the mysterious world of vj'ing! This will also be a unique encounter of our local and international vj guests.

A: Brothomstates (Warp Records, Hki)
V: amfibio (Hki) + katastro.fi (Hki) + naive (Stockholm+Tku)

A: dj Genki (Exogenic Breaks/Stealth Unit, Hki)
V: K-Project & Hein? (Montreal) + Under Control (Tre+Tku) + Kangastus (Hki)

A: dj Genki (Exogenic Breaks/Stealth Unit, Hki)
V: Lumiere Bros. (Hki) + VJ Hahmo & Traumatrix (Hki) + Takakeno.cru (Hki)

A: Maxime Morin (aka Mad Max aka Champion, Montreal)
V: Jocool & EXP3 (Montreal) + Plasma VJs (Tre) + Vertex Visuals (Tre+Sln)

A: Maxime Morin (aka Mad Max aka Champion, Montreal)
V: deKam (NYC) + DVC project (Tre) + VJ Anyone (Vectors, London)

Jamming session closes.

Brothomstates (Warp Records) and dj Genki (Exogenic Breaks/Stealth Unit) will play dj sets and Maxime Morin (aka Mad Max aka Champion) from Montreal will play a live audio set. In addition there will be special vj appearances by John deKron (Berlin), Dag [Plazma] Engström (Stockholm) and Michael Heap (VJs.net, UK)!