Suomenlinna Money Lab workshop

Christian Nold (UK) has been invited to realise a new art project in Helsinki during 2011-2012. This new project called ‘Suomenlinna Money Lab‘ will take place on Suomenlinna island. Christian is visiting Helsinki 7-12 September and will lead two workshops on the island on September 8 & 10.

What if Suomenlinna would have its own currency? Money carries social and cultural value that is more than monetary. What does ‘local’ value mean in the context of the island? Join us for an informal discussion, to share your personal stories, utopian ideas of the island and brainstorm some projects.

The two independent workshop will last 2 1/2 hours and will guide the planning process of the Suomenlinna Money Lab. Anybody who is interested is warmly welcome to participate! There are no specific skills required and it’s free!