Pixelache Club

For Pixelache club, we’ll have a pair of gentlemen leading you through the grey blocks of Helsinki, deep into the gnostic cave known as bar Dubrovnik.

Before midnight, the most prominent tri-lingual Finnish post-electro duo, Wurm, will take care of further copulations. The rest of the night belongs to DJ Ardelicious, whois  always searching for music that will push the party an inch more into total hysteria.

As you might’ve already noticed, good things come in pairs.

In co-operation with Charm of Sound, a Finnish association promoting the art of sound.
Put together by Kimmo Modig.

Tickets & Venue

Tickets cost 5 euros. Buy tickets in advance here Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby, Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki


Saturday, May 12th 22:00 - 03:00.


PROMETHEUS A mobile Audio / Visual Performance Dennis Tan (sound artist/musician) and Sebastian Ziegler (multi-media artist/storyteller) will take you on a journey with sounds and images through the myth 'PROMETHEUS'. The retelling of the myth will take place on the way from Camp Pixelache main venue Arbis to Pixelache Club. The myth is broken down into different parts and presented at different locations along the way. The artists will lead the way on a modified bicycle consisting of video projectors and sound equipment. You are most welcome to join them on their quest. Departure from Arbis around 20.15!

WURM There are four bands called Wurm. One is a Finnish duo of Miikka Ahlman and Heidi Lind, producing post-electro with German, English and even Swedish vocals. When playing live the duo has the pleasure of sharing the stage with vocalists/shamans Kaisu Koponen and Anna Paavilainen. Wurm has released a digital EP (Die Saison Des Elchs) in July 2009.

DJ ARDELICIOUS DJ Ardelicious is always searching for music that will push the party an inch more into total hysteria. Dancing to his set, you lost a sense of linearity, ending up thinking stuff like: is this 80's Maroccon wedding band or some local punk passing out on the keyboard?  Is this DJ ten years ahead of everyone else or 60 years behind? Does it matter? I'm personally happy to have Ardelicious a.k.a. Arttu Partinen as our DJ, as throughout the years he has plugged me (and countless others) into so many wonderful, surprising rhythms.  Additionally, you might know him from acts like Avarus, Amon Düde & Hetero Skeleton,  and as the head honcho of concert promoter extraordinaire Mental Alaska.

Additional images:

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