Photo Tagging Amok February 2014

As the continuation of an archiving process that started a couple of years ago, and as an exploration of peer-production tools, Pixelache is organizing a series of open sessions focusing on how to archive Pixelache's ~30,000 photos from the past 12 years. These sessions are called Photo Tagging Amoks and are led by Pixelache's all time photographer Antti Ahonen. Have a look at our progress so far. Next month's Photo Tagging Amok event, featuring a pot of Antti's soup, will take place on Wednesday 12.2 at Pixelache office. The two first Amoks have focused on 2013 pictures, and the series on each occasion endeavours to go further back in time. For example, the November event will focus on the tagging of 2012 photo material.

Turn up at Pixelache office when you can, or feel free to labour remotely where you are online. There in an etherpad for taking notes at all Photo Tagging Amok occasions (NB: If you are remote, welcome to use the chat function there). The 'Photo Tagging Amok' events are both a fun & serious way to develop new archiving practices and share methods. But most of all, as social gatherings, they are occasions to spend a good time together while doing useful work, a variation of tietotalkoot. And hopefully as we go back in time, they will also help us to reconnect with old Pixelache friends and participants with whom we have lost touch!