Perm 36 Robovision performance

by: The Pointless Creations / UK

Perm 36 Robovision is a video performance featuring live manipulation of footage captured at the Perm 36 Gulag Museum (Near the location of the first Machinista festival ) together with 3D animation of the Machinista robot created for 2004 Glasgow edition of the festival and the “Fullscreen robovision DVD”. Pointless’ own video instrument: the Video Switchboard, is used to trigger sound and images on the fly, in an improvised upbeat style. The soundtrack is a live remix of tracks by Micromusic artists Mr.Electron (Glasgow) and Spoonbender (Newcastle).

The Pointless Creations collective grew out of the Radar sound system and their infamous club nights and outdoor parties. We are still active in those fields whilst getting regular commissions from theatre groups, community art events and media art festivals.

Our installations make use of images as building blocks to create 3 dimensional environments with light during our performances using video and slide projections on custom made, mobile screens which encourage playful interaction with the audience.

The show created for Pixelache also includes a turntable performance by FI$T using experimental needle contraptions (the Double Needle and The Hand), Screening of Jay-Go Bloom’s Tabla Pong and a live videoscape by Ablab.

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video switchboard instrument:

FI$T’s experimental needles:

Ablab audiovisual Labyrinth:

Jaygo Bloom’s videos:
JAYGO BLOOM presents to you a reworking of the popular 80’s arcade game classics ‘BREAK-OUT’ ‘ELEKTRAGLIDE’ and ‘PONG’. JAYGO BLOOM’S particular game play technique provides the initial basis and response for an all new AudioVisual accompaniment, derived from equally misguided and random ‘home music tutorials’ downloaded from the world wide web.