Open Demo Afternoon

As part of their production residency (15-29.5), Usinette & Defko Yaw Rek (translates as ‘Do-it-Yourself’ in wolof), propose a demo afternoon at Made in Kallio, open for anyone to participate and for which no specific background is required.

The Demo hosts Ursula, Alex and Edgar will introduce a 3D printer from the RepRap project, and show how it works and how you can build one yourself. They will also present another self-made tool, a plastic extruder whose main function is to recycle plastic from plastic bags or milk bottle corks. The demo will focus especially on plastic and on how it can be collected and re-used to make thread for 3D printers. Together, we will melt High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic from plastic bags with the extruder and we will produce a new filament of plastic.

The participants are asked to bring different kind of plastic trash with them. For the demo, we’ll use PE plastic, but this demo will be the occasion to learn about the different kinds of plastics that we usually find in our trashes.

Welcome to exchange and share ideas on plastic recycling and more generally on DIY / DIWO digital fabrication!