Microcontroller buffet + Sensor boogie

Pop-in pop-out style basic electronics try-out day for beginners looking for first advice in entering in to the scary world of microcontrollers and simple sensors in connection with Max/MSP or PD. I try to have different setups available for demonstration on affordable solutions for media artists, musicians, vj’s and like for making their own controllers and experimental inputs.

Available resources include: Basic Stamps, PICs, simple sensors (proximity, light, acceleration), simple wireless modules (serial RF) and serial or midi connections to pc/mac.

I have learned by doing barely modest skills in physical computing during last years, so I can’t promise any problem solving or even correct advises, but something to get started with and carrying on self-education with these matters. If you are new to these things drop in and get started, if you have experience, drop in and share your insight.

Tuomo Tammenpää, born 1969
Tammenpää works as a media artist and designer in Finland, just outside Helsinki. During the last ten years he has participated in several exhibitions in Europe, Asia and North America presenting interactive media installations dealing with control and consumerism.