Looking Backwards >|< Looking Forwards: 20 Years of Pixelache Party Edit event
Looking Backwards >|< Looking Forwards: 20 Years of Pixelache Party
Saturday 3. December
MAGITO Studio (Suvilahti)
Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 HELSINKI
Open to all Pixelache members and their friends & loved ones.
Registration required through this link for free entrance : www.eventbrite.fi/e/looking-backwards-looking-forwards-20-years-of-pixelache-party-tickets-464872414907


Antti Ahonen & Jenna Jauhiainen
Live Music:
The Helsinki Harps Folk Group


The Pixelache 20 year Anniversary Party is an experiment on active participation that aims to transform voyeuristic engagement into a sense of agency, both on site and for remote participants as well. Through playful and facilitated experiences, partygoers are able to influence, interact with and impact the shared environments. In this sense, the participant has agency on how to interact and contribute to the space. The idea is to celebrate connections, community and cooperation that have been at the heart of Pixelache’s activities throughout its history and will be far into the future.


VJ culture has been an important part of the history and development of Pixelache. To experience and share VJing as a contemporary art form, artists Antti Ahonen and Jenna Jauhiainen are constructing an archive of visual material from the 20 years of Pixelache that partygoers can control and play with. The ideal is to create a wearable controller which takes VJing from behind the decks to the dancefloor, creating a participatory experience emphasizing sharing and caring.


Fat Lizard beers & snacks offered,
Feel free to come with additional drinks and food !


See you there!


Email Arlene arlene@pixelache.ac with any questions.


This event is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Taike and the City of Helsinki & sponsored by Fat Lizard

Picture credits : Antti Ahonen