La máquina de compartir secretos (The machine of sharing secrets) workshop

What: Workshop and project presentation
When: Wednesday-Friday 8-10.5. from 16:00-19:00
Where: Nuorten toimintakeskus Happi, Sörnäisten rantatie 31, 00500 Helsinki.

Welcome to join a participatory and collaborative workshop project led by Constanza Piña Pardo (Chile), who will help participants develop small flying electro-acoustic transducers, mainly using waste material, to be used as communication system to share secrets in the public space.

During the workshop, the following questions will be considered: Are we free to express ourselves and share information in the public space? Are the new information and communication technologies secure and do they guarantee privacy to the users? From these questions, the group will think together about how our 'secrets-sharing machine' will be utilised. On the last day, the workshop will finish with the presentation of Constanza´s project somewhere nearby in public space.

The workshop is free to participate, no particular skills are required, although some soldering of electronic components may be involved. There is a maximum of 15 persons who can take part. The workshop takes place in the 'Konsensus' space on 4th floor of Happi Youth Activity Centre.

Sign-up by Tuesday 7th May: Contact jonirigoyen [-at-] if you are interested to participate or have questions.

The workshop is part of a programme of events around Pixelache Festival 2013 called Control and Surveillance: The Modern Panopticon, curated by Jon Irigoyen (Pixelache), and is supported with the Knowledge & Experience sharing theme of Pixelversity 2013 programme.

Image credit: Constanza Piña Pardo