Island Apocalypse Tours: #2 Naissaar - #3 Vartiosaari Edit event

Pixelache Festival has happened in many interesting and unique locations, but for some reason for many of us the island locations – Suomenlinna, Vartiosaari, Naissaar (Estonia) – have been the most memorable.

During 2024, long-term Pixelache members Antti Ahonen & Andrew Gryf Paterson in collaboration with Jenna Jauhiainen take us back to these islands by organising guided tours and happenings for a small group of participants. These events are part of the ongoing memory work and archiving processes related to Pixelache's 20+ years of history, and are open to both carriers of memories of past festivals and the willing creators of new memories. 

The Island Apocalypse Tours of 2024 engage with the concept of Solastalgia, a term coined by Glenn Albrecht which refers to the distress and melancholy of losing one's own environment and habitat, especially in the context of climate crisis and biodiversity collapse. In addition to delving into memories of past Pixelache Festivals, these Island Tours will be an opportunity to discuss not only the changing ecological ecosystems of our environments, but also the social and technical environments that have related to our cultural work in self-organized, emerging and grassroots organisations. The last Island Tour to Tarvo will compile documentations and finalise the series.

Island Apocalypse Tours: #2 Naissaar (EE) - #3 Vartiosaari package tour 


On Thursday 22nd August, we will gather an expedition group to second island that we return to.. Naissaar off the coast of Tallinn, Estonia, that featured in Pixelache dual-city Festival  2013: 'Facing North - Facing South'. It is the most adventurous stage of the tours, as it involves a ferry journey to Tallinn, and then relies on the Estonian tourist day-trip boats that travel to the island in summer season. What remains from Camp Pixelache 2013 will be investigated. 

We will travel to Tallinn on Thursday 22nd August, stay overnight in Tallinn, and arrange a 2 day/1 night visit to Naissaar from 23-24th August. We will return on Saturday night to Helsinki. Further details below.

From afternoon-evening Sunday 25th August, we will travel to East Helsinki's island of Vartiosaari, site of Camp Pixelache 2014, and camp overnight in tents and using local infrastructure. On Monday 26th we will focus on the Pixelache Camp model of cultural events from 2010-2014, and host a grill party.

Inquiries and reservations, please email:, cc

NOTE: Pixelache will cover half the travel costs from Helsinki to Naissaar for up to 8 registered persons. 


** THU 22.8. ** 

Travel: Helsinki Länsiterminaali T2 -> Tallinn A-Terminal

15:15-17:30 (Eckerö Line, M/s Finlandia, 22€/person)

1 night in Tallinn area (accomodation to be confirmed, ?€)

** FRI 23.8. ** 

Travel: Pirita Tallinn Sadam -> Naissaare Sadam

10:00-10:30 (, 20€/person)

1 night accomodation on Naissaare (4-person rooms via, 20€/person)

** SAT 24.8. 18.00 ** 

Travel: Naissaare Sadam -> Pirita Tallinn Sadam

18:00-18.30 (, 20€/person)

Travel: Tallinn A-Terminal -> Helsinki Katajanokka

22:15-00:30 (VikingLine XPRS, 23,50€)


Tour costs Helsinki-Tallinn-Naissaare-Tallinn-Helsinki: 

22+20+20+20+23,50 = 105,50€ + Tallinn accomodation cost + local transport costs.



Acknowledgements: This particular 'tour' event is hosted by HIAP, but is organised by Andrew Paterson in cooperation with Jenna Jauhiainen & Antti Ahonen, as part of Pixelache Helsinki's 2024 programme, supported by TAIKE & Helsinki City. Image credit: Photo by Mari Keski-Korsu, Graphic elements by Tuomo Tammenpää and Karolina Konieczna, composition by Andrew Gryf Paterson.


Island Apocalypse Tours 2024

#1 Suomenlinna (23.–24.3.)

#2 Naissaar (2-day trip via Tallinn, 22.–25.8.)

#3 Vartiosaari (25-26.8.)

#4 Tarvo (7.-8.9.)


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