Copper-scavaging waste expedition with ORE.E Refineries

During the "Metal Scavenging is Alchemy" waste expedition, blacksmith Jesse Sipola and artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri from Ore.e Refineries will escort participants into the world of Copper Scavenging from Friday 30.8. at 10.00. This waste expedition is the 3rd organised within the context of the Pixelversity 2013 Waste/d theme. The expedition will take participants for a bike trip from Hakaniementori (Helsinki downtown) to Tattarisuo (near Malmi), to cash in the copper with Niemen Romukauppa OyDon't delay sign up today! (Max. 12 participants, first come first served)

Copper is one of the first metals people have learned to use and it has a lot of applications. Modern cities and lifestyles are dependent on it. It is the best medium for transmitting information and energy. You'll find it inside walls and computers, conveying electricity and bits. As it doesn't rust it's also used in plumbing systems and as a roofing material. "Copper is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality". Sipola is well tuned to the junkyard scene of Helsinki and has often disassembled engines for copper at his smithy in Espoo. Ore.e Refineries is a company advocating sustainable design and has worked on copper related projects since 2007, and invite you into a 1 day expedition process for scavenging copper and making profit! [Note a future visit to Sipola's Smithy in Espoo will be arranged for those interested at a later date].

You are encouraged to already start scavenging for copper now (!) contained in junk from the city and homes (watch this video clip tutorial). More info about expedition & copper on Line 89.