Club Bundolo with PixelACHE all-stars

DJs Sampsa (Leftside Ensemble) & Kasio (Nuspirit HKI / Giant Robot)

VJ PatadePerro / Intermundos (Colombia)

SF&L – Visual Sensations VJ competition winner (Netherlands)

“The Finnish All-Stars VJ Jam”:

Jenni Valorinta aka VJ *jen

Videos of Jenni Valorinta aka VJ *jen often relate to nature and joyful moments in life. She has worked with several music artists and bands in different clubs and events both in Finland and abroad and she has coordinated visuals in events like Koneisto and Flow. *jen has been part of Pixelache 2005 VJ team. Besides visual projects she’s also working at the University of Helsinki with main interest in user interface design and software engineering projects.


XPLOITEC is a visual collaboration of VJ PHOQ and VJ 304.

“Visualizations are based on live triggering and creating narrative compositions using prefixed video material. XPLOITEC is working on club events and art scene by xploiting visual information surrounding us.”

XPLOITEC operates in Helsinki, Vienna and Budapest.
“It´s a digital spit on your screen”

VJ’s Hahmo & Naïve (Visual Systeemi)