Cities and sunsets - screening

Urban landscapes and extraordinary weather conditions.

Screening featuring live sound performance by Emi Maeda (for the last film in the series, Storm by HC Gilje and Emi Maeda). 

Cities and sunsets is a selection of films which, rather than telling a narrative story, aim to present a certain atmosphere, rhythm or mood. The films take their inspiration from urban aesthetics, nature and weather conditions. Some of the films were selected from our open call for proposals, some films were found by coincidence.

visomat av (Berlin, Germany) : Montage, De- 
Ran Slavin (Tel Aviv, Israel) : Organic Urbanic 
Alli Savolainen (Helsinki, Finland) : Smile of Mona Lisa 
Katarina Löfström (Stockholm, Sweden) : Hang Ten Sunset 
finder. / Chris Coleman & George Cicci (Buffalo, NY) : Collusion 
Vincent Morisset (Montréal, Canada) : L'homme superflu 
HC Gilje + Emi Maeda (Norway, Finland): Storm

Duration approx 50 min.