Breakfast Club III


Start your day with croissants, coffee and a shower of refreshing short interviews by Nathalie Magnan with several pixelache 2010 artists and
guests. The format is simple, take people early in the morning, bring breakfast and start to talk about issues that have been raised or have
been inspired by the festival’s theme, the works and presentations they saw, etc. Pixelache’s breakfast club will be the third in the series and for two hours Nathalie Magnan will guide us in this morning debugging of the make+robo+ware thematic.

Started in 2009 in GOTO10’s festival, “make art“, these (un)moderated breakfasts have been used as a real life chatroom and public forum to give space to debate and questioning within the festival program. It goes without saying that every festival or event always acts as a hub for audience and guests to exchange and debate, but this is not always accommodated. So if you think that, sometimes, the most pertinent discussions are happening outside of the official presentations, panels, and lectures, then the breakfast club is definitively worth joining!

Join us Saturday morning at the Torni Hotel!

Nathalie Magnan is a cyberfeminist and (old and new) media tactician, director for Canal+ as well as Paper Tiger TV, Deep Dish TV and authored documentary. Webmistress of many websites, she co-moderated amongst others nettime-fr. She directed “the video between art and communication” ensb-a 1997, and in collaboration with Annick Bureaud, “Connection, art, networks, media” ensb-a 2002. She has published articles in anthologies and scientific journals, exhibition catalogues and newspapers. Her last publication: Art Hack Hacktivism, cultural jamming, tactical media in the collection of essays ART++ directed by David-Olivier Lartigaud on HYX editions. She has taught at the ensa- Dijon, University of Paris 8 and the University of California at Santa Cruz. She is currently professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges.